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Activities Thursday, 09 June 2016 00:00

There is this one phrase” Isla is not for everyone” we have all , at least once, heard of.   Honestly we think this has been a keystone reason why Isla still keeps its flair. Isla Mujeres, an island so close and yet so different , to its close neighbor Cancun has managed , gracefully, to retain its small and laid back fisherman village.  The beauty of its beaches may have been the initial reason attracting you to this destination but this will certainly change in no time. Isla, simply, charms you , fascinates you and let you leave the island. You will embark the ferry to Cancun towards the airport  but  you may also rest assured  you will come back. Isla Mujeres, the place you look at in the horizon while sailing away, will always remain with you. THE PLACE YOU WILL COME BACK TO …OVER AND OVER. Certainly Isla Mujeres is not for everyone. You are not everyone. IT IS FOR YOU.

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